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Tips and Tricks for Up and Coming Makeup Artist

Greetings and Salutations to all my makeup lovers and aspiring makeup artist. When I first decided to become a freelance makeup artist (MUA) I didn't know where to begin. Of course the first you need to do is to start building your makeup kit. Through trial and error I will walk you through the must haves for your kit. Of course first starting out your budget may be small, but don't worry- that's what I am here for!

First things first. All makeup artist need foundation for their kits. I recommend going to one of my favorite affordable sites BH Cosmetics ( This website has foundation for under $5.00. The beautiful thing about this website is it also offers great deals on eye shadow, makeup brushes, and lip pallets. These are also essential to building your makeup kit. Other must haves for your makeup kit will be makeup brush cleaner (especially if you are doing multiple clients a day). ELF has an amazing makeup brush cleaner. You will also need rubbing alcohol to sterilize your pallets, lipsticks, eyeliners, etc. as well as hand sanitizer. Don't forget individual mascara wands and lip applicators which can be purchased at your local beauty supply store or on Amazon. Another makeup company that offers quality and affordable products is ELF (Eyes, Lips, Face). These products are offered in your local drugstore or places like Walmart. You can also their website at False eyelashes will be another staple for your kit. I normally go to my local beauty supply store for false eyelashes. They normally run me 99 cents a pack. You can also go on places like Amazon and order packages of 10+ for under $10. Now while you have Amazon pulled up please invest in a makeup chair for your clients (trust me your back will thank you) and also makeup lighting (lighting will help you get a flawless makeup application). Other great sites that offer affordable and quality makeup include Coastal Scents (, iKatehouse ( and Shop Miss A (

I hope this will help you and your future as a makeup artist. P.S. Don't forget chewing gum, hair pins or clips (to pin client's hair back), and a smock in order to protect your client's clothing.

Toodles! XoXo

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