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What's the Big "Deal?" Drug Store Makeup vs Higher End Makeup

I hear it time and time again. The big debate between drug store or more cost efficient makeup versus the higher end makeup. You may wonder what I choose or prefer. I have alway been the type of gal who likes to save a pretty penny. I love a sale, discounts, and a clearance rack. With that being said when it comes to makeup I love more cost efficient makeup. I love makeup sites like BH Cosmetics, Coastal Scents, and Morphe Brushes. When I first started building my kit as a makeup artist- I purchased most of my foundations from BH Cosmetics. At one point I caught a sale and only paid $2 for it. The coverage was comparable to MAC in my opinion. Now speaking of MAC- I have encountered many people who are stuck on labels. What I mean by that is they say things like "I only use MAC." or Makeup Artist who may have a whole kit of one brand. That's fine- to each it's own, but me personally I go with what works for me. While I do have some higher end stuff in my collection- that is not all of what it consists of. I have Anastasia Beverly Hills, but I also have beauty supply store highlighter that only cost a few dollars. I think all of my makeup lovers need to focus more on what works for them instead of focusing on the name brand. So what is the big deal? The answer is having extra money in your pocket to buy that new pair of heels! - Toodles! xoxo

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