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Here on the Real & True Talk Show, we keep everything real and true to our words. No filter and straight to the point. We have a lot to talk about, but we also like to hear from you. What topics are yal interested in hearing us discuss? Post them here or email us.

Featured Makeup Artist for Pink Lucy by T'Shemise

Pink Lucy by T'Shemise is a fun approach on statement making clothing with a street glam edge. It is glamorous and chic yet refuses to conform. Pink Lucy is a rebel WITH a cause- she does things her way! Pink Lucy by T’Shemise screams freedom and self expression in explosive color and eye catching designs- she is the rebellious sister of the prim and proper T'Shemise.

Featured Makeup Arist for the tv show "Deceitful Keystrokes"

Deceitful Keystrokes is an anthology series that focus on the perils that people young and old are exposed to while using various online media.

Featured Makeup Artist for the short film "Justice"

"Justice" Tells the story of Tracey Justice, a young woman who was raped. During the investigation, her ex-boyfriend is taken into custody and is charged for the rape. But after interrogation and getting evidence, Tracey begins to remember more details about the rape.

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