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My name is Shanesha. I’ve been modeling for almost a year now. I am a plus sized model who resides in Dallas. Besides modeling I also am a makeup artist. I draw cartoons- really I love the arts in general. In my spare time when I’m not modeling I enjoy watching Lifetime movies and hanging out with my family.

Who do you get your fashion inspiration from? I get my fashion inspiration from other women in general. If I see a fly women on top of her game I get inspired. Model wise I love Tocarra from America’s Top Model and also Tyra Banks. Which companies, brands, photographers, and media spreads have you modeled for? I am currently a promo model for Know More Clothing, Jazz U Up Boutique, and Treasure Chest Virgin Hair. I have been featured in the magazine Encore HD Magazine. I have worked with a multitude of photographers. I just recently shot with Kendra Pipkin. I love her work.

Any upcoming photo shoots? if yes, then with who? I have another photoshoot coming up with Kendra Pipkin. I just met Greg Daniels who does awesome work. I’m looking to schedule something with him in the near future.

What are your goals and where do you see yourself in the next 3 years? In the next 3 years I am looking to be the new face of plus size models. When people say the name Shanesha- I want them to be inspired by me.

Instagram MUA_Queen FaceBook: Shanesha the Model

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